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    The Royal Park Canvas Hotel Pushes the Limits of Mass Timber

    mass timber for high rise projects. “Building standards have recently been eased, and the Building Standard Law now allows mid- and high-rise wooden buildings if the timber frame is covered with fire-resistant gypsum board,” notes project architect Yuma Ogata. “By adopting this approach, we were able to construct a hybrid timber high-rise …

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    In Germany, a Cradle-to-Cradle Firehouse Proves the Power of Mass Timber

    © BRIGIDA GONZÁLEZ November 30, 2022 In Germany, a Cradle-to-Cradle Firehouse Proves the Power of Mass Timber Wulf Architekten designed the timber and concrete components of the Straubenhardt firehouse to be disassembled and reuse. By: Florian Heilmeyer Three years ago, the small town of Straubenhardt, Germany, declared itself the region’s first cradle …

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    Hickok Cole Brings Mass Timber to the Capital

    … base plates, column jacketing, and the like—rendered mass timber a far more attractive, if not cost-effective, approach. The three-story mass timber addition consists of a glulam post-and-beam system and cross-laminated timber (CLT) floor plate, yielding nearly 110,000-square-feet. Katerra, the now defunct construction and mass timber contractor,

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    Timber House is New York City’s Largest Mass Timber Building

    July 15, 2022 Timber House is New York City’s Largest Mass Timber Building Designed by Mesh Architectures, Timber House features a glulam and concrete structural system and is clad with custom-made brick. By: Matthew Marani Photography: Travis Mark Mass timber is certainly having its moment. From the Pacific Northwest to New England, the …

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    Speed and Sustainability: The Luisenblock Shows What’s Possible with Mass Timber and Prefabrication

    mass timber construction. COURTESY SAUERBRUCH HUTTON ARCHITECTS The tender was addressed at private developers who would guarantee to stay within the project’ tight timeline and budget. In May 2020, the tender was won by a consortium of Primus developments, Berlin-based Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, and the Austrian building company Kaufmann Bausysteme—a specialist in timber

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    In Sweden, the Sara Kulturhus Expands the Possibilities of Mass Timber

    COURTESY WHITE ARKITEKTER In Sweden, the Sara Kulturhus Expands the Possibilities of Mass Timber Made almost entirely of timber, without steel or cement reinforcement, the cultural complex signals a renaissance for the town of Skellefteå. By: Florian Heilmeyer Skellefteå is an idyllic town in Northern Sweden that’s home to about 70,000 people, but …

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    Path Architecture Builds a Modern, Mass Timber Answer to Assisted Living

    … Boom generation, making such adaptations to single-family homes is now common practice. But barrier-free apartments have remained scarce. The Canyons continues Kaiser’s embrace of mass-timber construction. Like his Carbon12 building next door, the tallest wood-framed residential building in America (at 85 feet), The Canyons was built with cross-laminated timber

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    Michael Green Architecture Designs a Mass-Timber Research Complex

    … and soulful placemaking. “It’s a living laboratory,” says Tom DeLuca, dean of the College of Forestry. “The intent was to demonstrate the versatility and potential of mass-timber construction for the future—not just that you can build structurally tall with wood but also in terms of mass timber being different from historical use …

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    How Mass Timber Could Help Reduce Wildfire Risk

    … 7,500 acres out of its 17,000 acres of timberland to the flames. Fortunately, its production facilities remained intact, including a three-year-old $40 million mass timber plant. But despite the recent setbacks, the company thinks it has a good path forward. “We truly believe that [our mass timber product] is a win …

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    The First Mass Timber Hotel in North America Has Opened in Austin

    … the first mass timber hotel constructed in North America. Lake Flato partner David Lake worked with the Canadian company, StructureCraft, to make it all possible, ultimately choosing mass timber construction for its environmental sustainability and swift construction times. (The use of this system shaved three months off of typical construction estimates.) Exposed timber walkways in …